WZK Victoria S.A. grupa TFS

Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze „Victoria” SA


Coke Industry in Wałbrzych appeared in the eighteenth century.

  • The first attempts of the coking dated back on 1776.
  • In 1798, in Wałbrzych were 4 coking plants and their annual production of the coke reached at this time, ca. 4,5 thousand tons of coke.
  • In 1900, there were 948 oven chambers in Walbrzych, the capacity of which was 540 thousand tons of coke per year.
  • By 1961, four Wałbrzych coking plants (“VICTORIA”, “Bolesław Chrobry”, “Biały Kamień” and “Mieszko”) were independent companies.
  • In July 1961, they were combined forming the Coking plant “Walbrzych”.
  • In May, 1999 the firm was transformed into one-person company of the state treasury ”ZAKŁADY KOKSOWNICZE WAŁBRZYCH S.A.
  • In 2007 the name was changed into Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze „Victoria” S.A.

The Victoria Koksownia belongs to the oldest coke-chemical plants in the country. The plant has 5 coke batteries of type Vi-75, and in December 2017 the most modern 6 battery was launched in Europe.

"Victoria" is a major manufacturer of Foundry Coke Special in Europe-BILSA 1 S with granulate + 100 mm.

Since March 2018, the total annual production was in the year. 600 k Tonnes.