Polski Koks S.A.

Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze „Victoria” SA


Coke Industry in Wałbrzych appeared in the eighteenth century. The first attempts of the coking dated back on 1776. In 1798, in Wałbrzych were 4 coking plants and their annual production of the coke reached at this time, ca. 4,5 thousand tons of coke. In 1900, there were 948 oven chambers in Walbrzych, the capacity of which was 540 thousand tons of coke per year.

By 1961, four Wałbrzych coking plants (“VICTORIA”, “Bolesław Chrobry”, “Biały Kamień” and “Mieszko”) were independent companies. In July 1961, they were combined forming the Coking plant “Walbrzych”. In May, 1999 the firm was transformed into one-person company of the state treasury ”ZAKŁADY KOKSOWNICZE WAŁBRZYCH S.A.In 2007 the name was changed into Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze „Victoria” S.A.

Coking plant Victoria is one of the oldest plants in the country. The plant has 5 coke oven batteries of Vi-75 type and is only eminent in the country and significant European producer of the foundry coke – BILLETS 1 S of +100 mm granulation Currently Victoria produces over 500 thousand. tons of coke per year, of which about 400 thousand. tons of special foundry coke. Share of WZK “Victoria” S.A in production of the coke in Poland is 5%. In 2010 Victoria exported 331 589,86 t of the coke. In 2010 the company produced 525 413,51t of the coke, including the foundry coke 432 042,83 tons.