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Management systems

Integrated Quality and Environment Management Systems

Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze „VICTORIA” Spółka Akcyjna (WZK „Victoria” JSC) work based upon certified and implemented  Integrated Management System within the scope of production and sales of the coke and carbon related products. The Integrated Management System of the Company includes:

  • Quality Management System in pursuance of  ISO:9001 (first certification in  1997);
  • Environment Management System in pursuance of  ISO 14001 (first certification in  2012);
  • Health and Safety Management System in pursuance of  PN-N-18001 (first certification in  2012).

    Policy of the Integrated Management System set up by the Chairman of Management Board of Company is an element of management in WZK „VICTORIA” S.A. within the range of customers’ quality expectations, natural environment protection being the common good and  activity for the benefit of improvement in the state of Health and Safety among the employees of Company and also the third parties being in Company.

    The certified and implemented  Integrated Management System in Company is fundamental tool in achieving the appointed quality, environmental and health and safety goals. For approval of accepted goals we implement the following actions:

  • we cooperate and exchange an information with our customers to identify their requirements and establish level of their satisfaction,
  • we use only raw materials delivered by trusty and approved suppliers,
  • we keep equipment and technological devices in standby mode, implementing new technological solutions into production process,
  • we conduct continuous and broad training of  our employees to meet expectations of our customers’ requirements, improving their ecological and safety awareness,
  • we consequently cut down an influence of technological process on natural environment ,
  • we realize actions oriented to accidents protection in work and occupational diseases with involvement of all employees;
  • we conduct measures of the processes and data analysis appointing  the directions of improvement; 

Realization of these elements is carried out based upon the actions pursuant to legal and other requirements and principles relating to quality, environment protection and health and safety etc.