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Responsible business
Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze „Victoria” SA


Sustainable use of natural environment  and a care of local community is one of more important objectives of “Victoria” plant.

Environmental requirements which should be met by WZK “Victoria” S.A. are based on three main sources:

  • rules of law (among others Act of Environment Protection Law, Act on waste management, Act on the greenhouse gas emissions or other substances management system)
  • administration decisions (among others the integrated permit)
  • civil-law agreements (among others waste collection agreement)

WZK “Victoria” S.A meets the requirements resulting straight from the rules of law in matters of:

  • obligation of getting the suitable administration decisions, permits
  • obligation of paying for the using the environment (among others relating to the emissions of dusts and gases into atmosphere)
  • obligation of keeping the records of  type and size of using the environment
  • obligation of keeping the records of emission measurements  

Responsible operation based on the highest standards of environment, safety, quality of products and a consequence  in realizing the environmental tasks  belong to priority tasks of the Company.

Victoria’s projects for the benefit of  natural environment protection it is not only an effect of adaptation of the plant to  legal regulations of European Union. It is, first of all, own initiative aiming at maximum possible ecological  neutrality of  Victoria.  

Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze “Victoria” S.A bearing in mind minimizing the negative influence on the natural environment consistently implement the modernization and improvement tasks. 

Capital projects in the environment protection within the years of 2014 – 2020

Object Range of works
Battery no. VI and VII Construction of batteries with the auxiliary objects
Battery no. I-V Minor repairs of the batteries I-V

Here are the main ecological effects of the implementation of new cooling and cleaning gas technology:

  • new cooling and cleaning system of the gas is multi-task chemical unit in which do not come into being the technological waste,
  • liquidation of well-worn technological units:  initial cooling and benzol - distillation systems
  • air protection: new installation will not emit into the air any harmful substances due to full leak tightness of the technological system. It has been implemented the leak tightness of the vents with automatic controls of steam and harmful substances sucking into the coke gas pipeline before the separator of pre-coolers
  • through use of the suitable technical equipment and protecting the environment against noise; permissible noise level is being kept at up to date standard.
  • gas cooling and cleaning installations do not generate harmful physical interactions like vibration, ionization or electromagnetic radiation.
  • use of the pumps with suitable gaskets –protection against emission of pumping the technological  fluid practically in 100%.
  • implementation of the automation, process controls and monitoring by suitable programmed algorithms and systems will limit to minimum a risk of technological failures, and as a result  environment pollution.
  • in order to protect against contamination of  underground water the equipment and appliances are placed on the trays resistant to chemicals with controlled valves of drainage system of stormy waters. Possible emergency leakages of the technological media are returned to be reworked.
  • it has been used the fire and HSE protections according to fire and explosion classification.
  • it is ensured a proper and safe waste disposal and recycling required by the laws during the construction and improvements.

Already at the stage of planning the investment processes WZK “Victoria” S.A select the technologies that meet requirements of “The best available techniques (BAT). Directives for the coking plants” and are environment-friendly. They implement the latest technical solutions, keep high standards of production  processes and impose on themselves restrictive standards requiring to continuous improvement in all areas of its  business activity. 

In order to meet the environmental requirements for producers of the coke within 2013 – 2020  specified in the directive of IED on industrial emissions and decision of European Commission establishing the conclusions of BAT for steel and iron production,  WZK ”Victoria” S.A.  updated  the Integrated Permit  by entering the records concerning the actions required by the above mentioned documents.